London’s Main Personal training Cocktail Bars

If there’s a very important factor London isn’t short of, it’s a cocktail bar. They’re everywhere and Martinis and Cosmopolitans are now being mixed all around the city inspite of the credit crunch. Some are cheap, some are extremely expensive. A number of them are only right. Needless to say, it’s not always easy to share with those are worth the money. This informative article discusses the Goldilocks of cocktail bars through the entire capital, and never having to venture in to a scary looking members club or swanky hotel bar.

1. Bourne and Hollingsworth – Rathbone Place

This tiny little slip of a place is really a newsagent to the naked eye. But as soon as you spy the sneaky stairs, you’re treated to a beautiful 30s bar and some excellent cocktails. The £7.50 Sebastian Martini wins points to be the absolute most divine – passion fruit, vodka and champagne in that ever important martini glass. (Cocktails always taste better in a martini glass, don’t you think?) Think flapper dresses and feathers and you’ve got the design just right.

2. Bob Bob Ricard – Upper James Street

This new haunt is taking trendy Soho by storm. It’s a break fast bar, a customer and cocktail bar all rolled into one. How very U S of A. Press a dinky little mobile bartending services button at your table to order more champagne (very nice touch) or have among the charming waitresses bring you a rhubarb gin and tonic. It’s not cheap though. Drinks are about a tenner. It’s worthwhile; you’re investing in style here.

3. Fluid – Charterhouse Street

Cocktails AND arcade games? Yes please! Throw in certain sushi and this is a fantastic little find in Clerkenwell. With favourites like Space Invaders and Pacman on the old school arcade machines, you’ll have a great time getting touching your inner child. They play great music and perform a mean Polish martini. I’m more of a fan of their long drinks, but if you probably genuinely wish to, you can have yourself a Wasbabi Martini. It’s a pricey night out though – most cocktails are £7-8.

4. Lab Bar – Old Compton Street

That is one of typically the most popular cocktail bars in London and its obvious why. The cocktail list is gigantic. You’d be very hungover in the event that you tried to work the right path through it. It’s not the cheapest cocktail bar – the drinks will be about £8 each, but the mixologists are some of the finest available and in the event that you can’t decide what you want, you can always cause them to whip up something new. Having your own signature cocktail is pretty cool y’know.

5. Freud – Shaftesbury Avenue.

Freud is extremely cool little place. It’s not really a bar having an immense cocktail menu, it’s also an art gallery. There’s always something interesting going on here. You’ll meet some very cool types here as well. Artists, writers and philosophy students mostly. The cocktails are mostly novelty, but it’s that’s your thing then you’ll really like this quirky little bar. Expect to pay around £6 for your tipple.

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