String Stanchions Revitalize Retail store in addition to Business oriented Circumstances

Seeking to revitalize your interior decor and effectively guide the public, in a upscale retail or commercial environment? Consider choosing post and rope stanchions. A brand new line just released from QueuePole, offers stanchions consisting of 5 different posts with velvet ropes in 3 colors to select from. You are able to choose to buy each item individually, or configured in sets. Each set includes (2) posts and (1) rope. Having the choice of shopping for each component separately enables you to mix and match your posts and ropes to best suit your desired location.

Selection of 5 Posts:
QueuePole offers two tulip-top designs, two flat-top designs, and one classic ball-top post. The tulip-top stanchion posts are available in 2 styles. The foremost is a flat black base and post combined with a polished chrome tulip-top. The second reason is entirely finished in polished chrome. Flat-top stanchion posts are available in either a polished chrome or a flat black finish. Lastly, the ball-top post is completed in polished brass.

Selection of 3 Ropes:
Three velvet ropes configure with the posts; black, blue or red. Both black & blue ropes feature polished chrome accents to match the flat-top or tulip-top posts. The red rope looks best with either the black flat-top post, or the brass ball-top post.

Sign Holder:
Being an added extra, QueuePole now offers a polished chrome sign holder that easily attaches onto any among the five available posts. Alpha Crowd Control Stanchions This stanchion accessory enables you to personalize your crowd control area with a custom made sign. This program makes it simple to communicate ‘Line Forms Here’ or ‘Please Enter Here’ messages without actually speaking a word. This sign frame stanchion accessory includes the frame, an extender piece, a tulip-top post top, and the barrier attachment ring. So, if you should be employing a flat top QueuePole stanchion, the sign holder will convert certainly one of your posts into a tulip top design.

Stanchions with a post and rope design provide classy crowd control for several environments like banks, lobbies, restaurants, shopping centers, stores, museums, airports, showrooms and more. Every 39″ tall stanchion post in this series carries a non marking, rubberized base designed to protect a floor and add stability. Additionally, each post comes with a 4-way adapter to provide a wide selection of configuration possibilities. This enables you to re-arrange your public guidance layout as often as you’ll need to. Also, these crowd control posts are easy to put together and disassemble for storage or transport, and don’t require tools. Whether you are looking to rope off certain sections of one’s restaurant for a personal function, or simply manage long lines in a public arena, the QueuePole brand enables you to do this at a fraction of the competitors’ costs. The QueuePole Post & Rope Series offers the very best value for quality stanchion posts with velvet ropes on the competitive market.

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